When You Need A Good Bail Bonds Firm In Downey

Most people never give bail bonds companies a second thought. When was the last time you needed to use one? Most Americans will probably go through their entire lives never requiring the services of a bail bonds company at all. However, you can never count on this, so having the number of a professional bail bonds Downey firm is highly advisable.

Downey Bail Bonds is a completely professional, and very experienced bail bonds agency serving the community of Southern California. Completely dedicated serving the needs of their clients, this company is always seeking new and improved ways to provide the best services in the bail bonds industry.

It is compulsory for a bail bonds firm, or agent, to be licensed in the state of California. They must have attended all the mandatory courses, and completed any other legalities required before being able to operate. Always ensure that any bail bonds firm, or agent you wish to deal with, is fully licensed. You can check on whether a bail bonds company, or agent is licensed by contacting the California Department of Insurance.

After an individual has been arrested, and booked, they will find out whether or not they are eligible for bail. They will then be allowed to make just one phone call to ask for assistance from someone on the outside. If you are the person they have called, make sure you write down the defendant’s full legal name, date of birth, where they are being held, and what they have been charged with. When calling a bail bonds company such as ours for assistance, this information will greatly assist us in starting the release process earlier.

If you are the person who is going to assist the defendant, and organizing payment of the bail bonds fee, you will need to sign the necessary paperwork. You will then be known as the “co-signer,” or “indemnitor.” This means you will also be responsible for ensuring the defendant appears in court when they are required, or become responsible for having to pay out the entire amount of bail. It is also important to understand that if the defendant flees, their bail will be revoked, a bench warrant issued, and the bail bonds firm will take all necessary steps to bring the defendant back in to custody.

If you are in need of a professional bail bonds company, contact us immediately on (562) 684-3455. We are available on a 24/7 basis so you can get the help you need right when you need it. You can find even more great information by visiting our website.